Professional Aquarium Hobbist

Job Location

Published By

Soham Ghosh

Type of Job

Full Time / Part Time / Contractual

Published Date

1 February 2021, 6:30:00 pm

About the job

There will be requirements for Aquarium diagnosis and you will be assigned as a knowledge expert for our clients. These requirements will be anywhere in Kolkata and you will need to visit client's location physically to diagnose their issues. Our clients can be a person or any corporate place.


  • Candidate should have experience with aquarium as hobbyist for at least 8 months. 

  • Candidate should have a good knowledge on Aquarium culture, Aquarium fishes.

  • Candidate should have idea about most common issues with freshwater aquarium, planted aquariums.

  • Knowledge on Marine Aquariums will be a plus.

  • Candidate should be able to diagnose and treat fishes against most common aquarium diseases.


You will be paid for your Aquarium knowledge. You will be eligible to earn from each service you provide to our clients.